Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where has Travelin' Nan gone?

So, my negligence to blog has put me behind the times, in regards to editing said blog. So the cover of the magazine I was just reading/drooling over, is way over there, and way small. It's hard to see me lying in the lounge chair, but that was what I was imaging.
A couple of weeks ago, our family made it all the way to Medford, staying in a brand new Homewood Suites. We lounged at the pool twice, but missed the sun that appeared that Saturday.
Yes, Travelin' Nan finally got out, albeit driving a few hundred miles South. Our destination was Gold Hill to visit Paul's dad and his lady friend.
The sun came out just south of Roseburg, the farther we drove away from Eugene, the higher temperature. We exited at Grants Pass, to show the kids the giant caveman. I urged everyone out of the car to "feel" the warmth from that wonderful orb God gave us. Ya, they were sleeping, but sun and culture were waiting. Sadly, the visitors center was closed but a nice man working on the flower beds explained the statue to us. Something about a local booster club helping keep Mr. Caveman groomed, and something about the Oregon Caves. I then talked on my soap box about community and economy, sharing the love, gettin' along, yada yada.
I can't show a photo of the caveman, as my camera's batteries were dead, and the pictures on the web of him are copyrighted (just follow the caveman link).
Last weekend, that very important Valentine's Day date, Paul and I went on a "double date" with his sister and her husband.
-----------My last Valentine's double date was in San Francisco a couple of years ago.
We stayed at the Hilton in downtown SF, with a terrific view of the city, but this photo represents the room I recall the most.
We were to meet a group of Paul's co-workers and their wives that evening at a fine restaurant. Only one couple ended up meeting us. A younger co-worker had made the reservations, and our large party dwindled done to us four. That being the case, we had a very terse tongue lashing from the manager.
Not much longer after we left the restaurant, I was feeling a bit ill. The rest of the night, was a bit of a nightmare, rather hazy, but food poisoning ended up being on the menu. I have a vague recollection of the flight back home, as I was under the the influence of Imodium, as well as the watchful eyes of Paul's coworkers whom were headed back to Eugene.
Paul has become enamored (what's a man word for this? Is the word beer in it?) with a new movie place in town "The David Minor Theatre." It's shall I say, unique. So when he suggested this venue for Valentine's Day I thought this was a very manly attempt at romance.
Although we own the movie, we watched "The Princess Bride" at the theatre. Yes, I've heard and seen the movie, many, many times, but seeing it on the bigger screen while eating sushi and drinking champagne made it a little more romantic.
We also had a much better time with P-TayJo and TheMan than on the "blind double date" in SF.
This week, the kids caught the "Love Bug," as Doodle began getting sick on Valentine's Day, and Brother joined in with a fever on the Monday. This left plenty of time for me to wash all of the laundry and clean up the important stuff, while my students fought over the television remote.
Now, as we head into the weekend, our hope is that the rain will hold off long enough to begin the planting of the garden. I guess that means I won't be traveling for a while.


Cherie said...

My brother and his family live in Sam's Valley, a coin toss away from Gold Hill. It's pretty down there. Glad you had a good visit and caught some rays.

Did you get your garden planted? We got ours ready to plant and undertook some pruning and weeding. It's that time of year - and I couldn't be happier.