Monday, May 19, 2008


Over a week has passed since I last recounted our family happenings. So, I'll summarize the events of these past few days or so...
For Evander, I'd say his highlights were: visiting with Grandma Lois, watching,  Prince Caspian, going to a friends birthday party, and playing Wii with cousin Sam.
I'd guess Emma's were having accomplishments in both Spanish and swimming. Also, watching Prince Caspian inspired her to read the Prince Caspian book.
 Princess Paul celebrated his fortysomething birthday out of town. I missed celebrating with him, but heard that he had balloons and a cake at least.
Me, well not much this week. Just kidding.
My mom came to visit and to help me put in my garden. She is a hard worker, and wore me out! We we're able to integrate fun and food into our time together. Grandma Judie joined us at the Dairy Queen, Thursday night. The two grandmas chatted and enjoyed their Blizzards.
Saturday, Patty celebrated her thirtysomething birthday. She came to our house for a visit with Grandma Lois, whom she hadn't seen for a long time. I must say, I have the greatest sister-in-laws. Patty is Patty for sure, with her quick wit and beautiful smile, and she's remained my friend all these year, dispite my anticts.  
Here's a shout out to Grandma Judie, my favorite mother-in-law!  Her birthday on Monday completes the trifecta of family birthdays all in one week. 
Monday, we were able to enjoy an evening performance of ballet. Three little girls from church, including our Lily danced so beautifully for a doting crowd.


Patty's World said...

Ha ha....who is the best of the best! CAN is CAN is!

I love that no one will know what that means.

Thank you wonderful sister-in-law

Deanna said...

I watched the performance, from too high in the rafters to see who was whom. But what wonderful dancers. :o)

Princess Paul looks happy.

Paul said...

OK I have to comment. What is this Princess Paul stuff. So I let Lily and Elise dress me up while on vacation. Doesn't everyone?

oh and Patty, I know what it means......